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Why is the GOP waging a war on women?

I’d rather talk about local and or state issues here (Lord knows there’s no shortage of stuff to talk about where our local Tea Party Republicans are concerned) but some of the things going on nationally are enough to curl … Continue reading

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The Tyranny of Dogma

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No train wreck here

I suppose that most people haven’t really thought about what’s going on at the State Capitol these days, or what it could mean to them. I don’t mean you — the people who read this blog or the other stuff … Continue reading

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Yay! We’re #1 (for executions)!

A few weeks ago, I compiled some numbers for us to consider as we looked at this scary new budget our state legislature is contemplating. Yesterday, the Texas Tribune published a story detailing the results of a study by the … Continue reading

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Talking Points: Perry jets off to Southern California while we stay home and shiver

Here is the “talking points” portion of the weekly TDC Leadership Memo. Use this information to write a letter or to push back against local Tea Party misinformation or to just to get yourself pumped up! TDP TALKING POINTS Rick … Continue reading

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Facts are Stupid

Conservatives and Tea Party Republicans everywhere celebrate the centennial of the birth of Pres. Ronald Reagan this week. Not to take anything away from this national obeisance to The Gipper, nor to take anything away from The Gipper himself, it … Continue reading

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Where is the outrage?

I’m on several email lists and I got this one today from These are the same people who ran the powerful “Perry is a Coward” ad across the state during last year’s election. We’ll just file this under “Talking … Continue reading

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