Redistricting tops TDP Leadership Memo

This is one of the redistricting proposals floating around Austin, one that forces Milam County to share a State House District with Burnet County.

The Texas budget is still topping headlines but stories about the redistricting battle starting to cut ahead. The TDP Leaders Memo is full of information about this issue and I’ve appended it below.

My favorite comment from the memo comes from State Rep. Jessica Farrar:

There are districts with the proposed House map that would make Tom DeLay blush.

She was probably referring to a proposal for Milam County. I just looked at one of them and have to wonder if this is really what Judge Barkemeyer meant when he promised that he would be able to work with state Republican lawmakers to  make sure our interests are better represented. I mean, really … pairing mostly rural Milam County with mostly suburban west Williamson County was bad enough … but with Burnet County? What common interests can we possibly share with those guys? (There will be more on this later.)

Just a reminder that Rep. John Carter will be back in the district for the next few weeks. He just got finished voting for a budget plan that would end Medicare as we know it and give even more tax breaks to the wealthiest of us. Judging by his press statements, he’s pretty proud of it.

He has an over in Temple. Why don’t you give him a call or write him a letter and let him know how you feel about it: • Bell County Office • 
6544B S. General Bruce Drive 
 • Temple, TX 76502 (
Located next to the DPS office) • 
(254) 933-1392

Speaking of letter-writing, the TDP memo suggests that we send some to out local papers. I already do that as often as I can but it’s real easy. Use the talking points in these memos (which I try to post as I get them). Just string a few points together and put a local or personal spin on it.Send it to the local papers but also to the Telegram or even the Austin, Waco and Bryan papers.

If you have a Facebook page, choose your favorite news clip and post the link there.


TALKING POINTS  regarding the newly-released redistricting maps:

  • A fair and legal map needs to accurately reflect our state’s population growth, which was driven by minority populations. This map does not reflect that growth and does not comply with the Voting Rights Act.
  • This plan does not create a single new minority opportunity district, even though 89% of the state’s ten-year population growth was non-Anglo.
  • This redistricting plan places politics over true representation for Texas voters.
  • Texas Democrats will work with our elected officials to take any actions necessary to ensure that the ultimate map restores representation to the communities shredded in the Republican gerrymanders of 2001 and 2003.

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... is a husband, a father, a writer, a journalist, an activist, an avid reader of trash science fiction and an occasional folk/bluegrass guitar player. He loves to travel, UT sports, community theater and sharing a good bottle of wine with good friends.
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