Consequences of Voter ID

Events have kept me away from this for the last month or so. My apologies. Hopefully, I’ll be able to return to a more regular posting schedule for a while.

Now that Gov. Perry and the Tea Party Republicans in the Texas Legislature have succeeded in protecting us from massive voter fraud perpetrated by old poor people, college students and undocumented aliens, the unintended consequences of his vaunted Voter ID bill will set in.

Take the time right now to make sure that the information on your driver’s license (or  other form of official photo identification) matches exactly the information on your voter registration card. If it does not, it’s possible you will not be able to vote.

Let’s say that your legal given name is Samuel but you go by Sam. Your driver’s license may identify you as Samuel but your voter registration card may show you as Sam. This may be just enough for some over-zealous election clerk to bar you from voting next year. Especially if your given name is really Guadalupe but you go by Lupe.

Here’s another example: Let’s say that you are a college student. You registered to vote where you’re going to school but your parent’s address is your permanent address and your driver’s license reflects that. This may be enough to bar you from voting next year.

Which, of course, is the point. It would be one thing if this state really and truly suffered from massive voter fraud. But that’s not the case.  This law was designed to  suppress voter turnout, particularly among young voters, Hispanic voters and old poor voters (most of whom tend to vote Democrat). (Interestingly, the states pushing some form of voter ID law are those controlled by Republicans.)

This problem will be compounded by the fact that staff for most state and county offices are being slashed right now. Heck, in places like Cameron, the state’s drivers license office is open only one or two days a week, and only for a few hours each day at that.

If you haven’t registered to vote, make sure that the information you use to register matches exactly the information on your driver’s license. If you are already registered,  make danged sure the information on your new registration card (which will be issued later this year) matches exactly the information on your driver’s license.

It won’t matter if you are a Republican, Democrat or Independent. Chances are pretty good that you’ll have trouble at the polls. Which, of course, is the point.


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