Perry is just … sad

Perry’s latest gaffe just distracts from the real reasons not to support him (or any GOP candidate) for president

For those of you who have been wondering what Labor’s take on the GOP, I just got this email from Ed Sills at the Texas AFL-CIO. For a bit of background, he suggest that you watch the Monty Python video first.

A big thank you to Dave for forwarding this. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

If the Republican nomination process could get more absurd after last night’s debate, we’re in for a treat. Gov. Rick Perry’s now-notorious moment in which he forgot he wants to eliminate the Department of Energy, which by the way was createdin a Republican administration, has led directly to Perry’s emergency insertion as the “Top 10 List” presenter on [last night’s] edition of Late Night With David Letterman.

We are sorely testing the axiom that “Any publicity is good publicity.”

But for organized labor, it really doesn’t matter whether Perry can debate or whether he would be a good Jeopardy! contestant.In this space, we have been far more interested in criticisms that have arisen during the presidential campaign that, while not necessarily ignored over the last decade, lost potency because one-party GOP domination in statewide elections allowed Perry largely to ignore critics when he was challenged.

Now, with a national media taking a fresh look at Texas over the last decade, the record has devastated Perry’s would-be narrative.The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, a conservative, discussed cronyism in her blog, working her way along the recent New York Times report about the governor’s frequent use of donated time on private jets.

In a related item … our friends at Texans for Public Justice posted an updated analysis of how far the Texas Enterprise Fund’s job promises have fallen short.


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