Update: Milam County Democratic Candidates

With a massive side order of Federal Court rulings that will completely confound and fatally confuse Texas voters

Hollis Lewis tracked me down this morning and filed to run for the Democratic nomination for district judge.

Norman Lanford had already filed to run for that nomination so that gives us two contested primary elections, this one and the race between Giles Summerlin and Brian Fisher for constable, Pct. 4.

Frankly, I’m excited about the contested elections because it gives Milam County voters an important reason to vote in the Democratic Primary. Hollis and Norman are both extremely well-qualified to sit as our District Judge. I like our chances in November with either of them on our ticket.

Election Update:

With the way they handled redistricting, the Republicans really stepped in it. As a result, three different courts — including the US Supreme Court — are involved in the 2012 elections (and, yes, I really do blame this confusion on GOP over-reach).

One of those courts issued a ruling today that pushes the primary election back to April 3 (instead of March), with potential runoffs set for June. Wow.

A consequence of this is that the courts will allow the filing period to re-open in late January (but beginning on a date yet to be determined). According to what we understand today, there could be a complete do-over on Feb. 1. If the state party is reading the order correctly, during the re-opened filing period, all candidates will be able to amend their filing affidavit, run for a completely different office or even completely withdraw from the race.

To make matters more confusing, the “official” filing deadline is still 6 p.m. Monday (Dec. 19). As a result, our office in downtown Cameron will be “open” — or, at least, I’ll be available — on Monday.

If you are interested in filing, give me a call at 512-760-5748 and we can discuss options.

Texas Tribune: Political Parties Agree to April 3 Primaries


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