So, let’s have an election already!

There is still no date in sight for a primary election in Texas — and the “official” filing date has closed — but that hasn’t stopped some Milam County folks from tossing their hats into the ring.

We were supposed to have a Primary Election on March 6 but the three-cornered judicial ping-pong match that the process has devolved into has yet to yield a set of maps that everyone can agree to. As I write this, the common wisdom is that our Primary Election will be held May 29. Or June 26. Or … well, I dunno. There are several links at the bottom of this post and, if you follow them, you’ll learn more than you really want about the process.

There are many pithy things to say about how Republican over-reach led us to the position where Texas will have no discernible impact on the national GOP presidential race, and how it completely screwed up our local primary elections in the process, but I’ll let Ben Sargent’s editorial cartoon speak to that for now. This post is about our local race.

In all of this, the court has left open a new window of opportunity for candidates to amend their filing petition, withdraw it, or submit a brand spanking new one. Many of us responsible for conducting these elections are calling it “fruit basket turnover” week because anything could happen. This new opportunity — along with the circus that the GOP Presidential race has become — has prompted some local Democrats to reconsider running for office.

For instance, Andy Jackson, who works for Miller-Starnes in Rockdale, recently filed his financial paperwork with the county and will run for our County Commissioner Pct. 3 nomination. In an example of the craziness that could occur, Odes Foster, one of the candidates for the Republican nomination for Pct. 3 Commissioner, realized that he really is a Democrat, not a Republican, and has withdrawn from the GOP primary. He told me that he intends to run for the Democratic nomination for Pct. 3 Commissioner.

Lisa Roden of Cameron and Randy McCall of Buckholts have filed their paperwork with the county and intend to run for the Democratic nomination for Pct. 1 Constable, they say.

Until these announcements, there were no Democrats running in either race. Now, we could have as many as four contested primaries which I think is pretty cool. Further, I’ve heard from several other people that they might be interested in other open ballot positions, but until they actually file their paperwork with the county, there’s not much I can say.

The other contested races include the Precinct 4 Constable ballot where incumbent Giles Summerlin (who is the longest-serving Democrat in the county) drew an opponent in Brian Fisher both are from Thorndale.

The other is for District Judge. Norman Lanford and Hollis Lewis, both of Cameron, square off against each other in that race.

Our other candidates are Kerry Spears, our incumbent District & County Attorney, Linda Acosta our incumbent treasurer, and Tommy Grimes who is running for the tax assessor/collector spot. All three are so far unopposed in the primary.

So don’t let your GOP friends convince you all the action is in the Republican Primary. Sure, they’ve got that flashy sheriff’s race and all, but that’s it. Even their presidential primary will be deep-sixed by then. In the mean time, local Democrats need your support and your vote in the primary election — whenever it happens to be.

The Milam County Democratic Women will meet 10 a.m. Saturday Feb. 18 at the party’s county office (directly across the street from the court house in Cameron). Linda Acosta will be the speaker. All candidates are welcome — and all are encouraged to bring some yard signs along. It’s a great way to get some of them distributed.

BTW: if you’ve not formally joined this group, now would be a great time.

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2 Responses to So, let’s have an election already!

  1. Suna says:

    I’ll be joining you as soon as I actually own property in Milam County, which will be soon. That will bring two more liberal Democrats who vote into the fold!

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