Saving some dates and a little Democratic housekeeping

A wonkish report for all of you really interested in the
nuts and bolts of the Texas Democratic Party

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Now that we seem to have a firm date for our primary election, it’s time to set up all the other events that normally go along … like precinct and county conventions, choosing delegates to the state convention, ballots and all that stuff.

The grasping crazy that our friends in the GOP threw into this year’s process pushed the primary election back to within less than two weeks of our state convention. As a result, the Texas Democratic Party had to toss out many of the rules we normally use to select delegates to the county, state and national conventions. And, really, those events are mostly about selecting delegates.

According to the state party,

The [county] conventions will be open to any qualified voter who signs an oath of affiliation with the Democratic Party. You must be registered to vote 30 days before the County Convention.  Every participant who signs in is entitled to participate as a delegate at the convention—to be seated and participate with their appropriate precinct delegation.  On convention matters where precincts are entitled to full voting strength each participant shall cast whatever percentage of the precinct’s vote their individual participation represents.

Our county’s executive committee met last week and formally called for us to hold our county convention 10 a.m. Saturday, April 21 at the Milam County Courthouse, and to cancel precinct conventions (which are normally held after the polls close on election day).

We get eight delegates and eight alternates to the state convention so, if you want to go to the state convention in Houston June 8-9, this is where you begin (and go ahead and make your hotel reservations).

It’s also where you need to start if you want to go to the national convention, as at least two Milam County residents intend. But, in addition to our county convention, those who want to go to Charlotte in September should also attend our Senate District caucus Saturday, May 19 in Madisonville. In fact, it’d be great if we could take our full delegation to the caucus and to the state convention.

If you want to know more about the state convention or the delegate selection process, it’s all on the party’s Web site.

Our Ballot

In a previous post, I listed our local candidates. Following is a list of our state and national Democratic candidates and the three referendums that will be on our ballot.

Bob Ely
Barack Obama
Darcy G. Richardson
John Wolfe

U. S. Senator
Addie Dainell Allen
Sean Hubbard
Paul Sadler
Grady Yarbrough

Railroad Commissioner
Dale Henry

Justice, Supreme Court, Place 6
Michele Petty

Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals
Keith Hampton

Member, State Board of Education, District 10
Judy Jennings

Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals District, Place 2
J. Andrew Hathcock

Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals District, Place 3
Diane Henson

Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals District, Place 5
Karen L. Watkins

Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals District, Place 6
Bryan Case


  • Prop 1:  Any graduate of a Texas high school, who has lived in the state for at least three years and lived here continuously for the last year, should be eligible for in-state tuition at state supported colleges and universities and given the opportunity to earn legal status through a higher education or military service.
  • Prop 2: “Because a college education is increasingly necessary for jobs that allow our citizens to achieve middle class lifestyles and become the entrepreneurs who create the jobs that our economy relies on, we call on the Texas Legislature to fund colleges and universities such that tuition and fees can be affordable to all Texans.”
  • Prop 3: Should the Texas Legislature allow the people of Texas to vote to legalize casino gambling with all funds generated being used only for education?

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