Paul Sadler needs your help. Just go vote.

Ho hum. The dog days of summer are upon us. Nothing to do but stay inside and look for creative ways to beat the heat.

But, if you are a Democrat who cares what happens in November, there is something important to accomplish between now and the end of July. Vote.

Yep. Vote.

Early voting begins next week for a runoff election and, for Democrats, it isn’t about who will win the race for county sheriff, a race between two turn-coat Democrats who are trying to “out right-wing” each other.

No, for Democrats, the only race on the runoff ballot is to nominate our candidate for U.S. Senate. Paul Sadler, a fella who served in the Texas House from 1991 to 2003, stepped up last year and tossed his hat in the ring to battle against the eventual GOP nominee — a decision that took incredible intestinal fortitude, considering the David & Goliath nature of the battle.

Paul is in a runoff against Grady Yarborough … or is it Yarboro … I don’t really know. Whatever, he seems to be trading on a politically famous last name … one so famous, he squeaked by in Milam County, though not state-wide. But, he did force a runoff.

If Grady wins, it would be tragic. This is his fourth or fifth attempt at public office (sorta like that Gene Kelly fella) but at least one of those was as a Republican. He hasn’t campaigned, he has no money (well, Paul doesn’t have much, either … but it’s not from a lack of trying)

Paul has been campaigning for the job. He was the only Senate candidate to attend a Teachers summit last week in Houston (despite the fact that Grady is a retired teacher) and slayed his opponents at the debates.

If all goes well, he will be a guest at the Steel Worker’s Union picnic in Rockdale on August 18.

Election Day is July 31 and you can vote early beginning Monday. Go vote, Please.

Paul Sadler’s Record of Leadership:

  • 1991-2003 Texas House of Representatives
  • 1995-2003 Chairman of the Public Education Committee
  • 1997 Chairman of the Select Committee on State Revenue and Public School Finance
  • 2001 Chairman of the Select Committee on Public School Employee Health Insurance
  • Legislative Budget Board Member

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2 Responses to Paul Sadler needs your help. Just go vote.

  1. Sara says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Because of your post, I voted today.

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