GASP! He said it out loud!

The only difference between Florida Republican Jim Greer and a whole passel of Texas Republicans is that he said out loud what they have been incredibly careful NOT to say (and he’s feeling some guilt over it): Voter ID laws are all about making sure minorities and Democrats have a difficult time casting a meaningful ballot.

A commenter on my previous post insisted the only reason I cared about Voter ID is that it would adversely affect Democrats. And, he’s right, of course, that does sorta tick me off because it happens to be true … but, as I noted in my reply, these laws also impact rural voters, who lack easy access to rural DPS offices, and senior Texans, who often lack a photo ID because they no longer drive. Neither group are dependable Democratic voters. Further, he’d feel the same way if someone passed laws designed to make his vote meaningless.

In the mean time, Democrats in Texas have an opportunity to cast a vote that could be quite meaningful. If you did not vote early, head out to your local polling place tomorrow and vote in the Democratic runoff for Paul Sadler for U.S. Senate. Every vote counts!

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