Re-writing history

You know your day is off to an ugly start when among the first things you are confronted with is a photo of Rep. John Carter bloviating from behind a microphone, moaning that our socialistic president was going to issue 40,000 pink slips to defense contractors and, so doing, single-handedly destroy the Central Texas economy.

That’s what the Temple Daily Telegram printed on the front page to today’s edition.

Both Congressman Carter and The Telegram are re-writing history and Carter’s hypocrisy is stunning. Last summer, he and his partisans refused to negotiate on the debt ceiling and nearly brought this country to the brink of bankruptcy.  The resultant deal —sequestration, agreed to by all sides, after the Republican leadership caved to the Tea Party instead of accepting a compromise — forced potential across the board budget cuts. Yes, even defense cuts. Now, he’s trying to re-write history and shift the blame for this away from his vote and his party’s position, and to Pres. Obama.

That the Telegram simply regurgitates Carter’s claim — without pointing out the Congressman’s place in this story or providing any context whatsoever — is no less hypocritical. Sequestration resulted from the GOP’s failed game of chicken regarding the debt ceiling.

Rep. Carter’s political party claims to be one of “personal responsibility.” If that is true, it is past time for Carter take responsibility for his considerable part of the mess and try to figure out a way to actually govern this nation, which, one would think, is what Republicans sent him to Washington to do, right?

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... is a husband, a father, a writer, a journalist, an activist, an avid reader of trash science fiction and an occasional folk/bluegrass guitar player. He loves to travel, UT sports, community theater and sharing a good bottle of wine with good friends.
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