About this Blog

This blog is being maintained by Richard Stone, the former publisher of The Cameron Herald, who spent the better part of two decades toiling in the newspaper business before becoming a more-or-less self-employed consultant to small newspapers and media consultant to various local businesses.

The purpose of this blog is to give Stone a platform for critical commentary about the Texas Legislature, Milam County government and local politics.

As a newspaper publisher and reporter, Stone learned a lot about public policy, open government, municipal government, county government and ‘how things actually work’ where it comes to local government.

During his career in the newspaper business, Stone won awards from the Associated Press, the Texas Press Association, the National Newspaper Association, the South Texas Press Association and various regional press associations for excellence in editorial writing and commentary.

In the interests of full disclosure, Stone is also the current Chairman of the Milam County Democratic Party. This is his private blog. While many Milam County Democrats and officials within the Milam County Democratic Party share his opinions, the opinions expressed here are not intended to reflect the official position of the Party, nor of any Party candidates nor any county campaigns.


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