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Chambers Letter to the Editor (10/10/11)

In response to the 9-17-11 letter from Mr. Stone of Cameron chastising Rick Perry and others for being so heartless, etc.  I know Mr. Stone personally, and I know him to be an honest, upstanding pillar of our Milam County Society.  Yet when he says that our local citizens “must repudiate this trend toward hate,” I wish to remind him those folks were not showing hate.  They were displaying the normal human’s visceral feelings for things that are repugnant and horrifying to them.  Such comments cannot be made individually in public, or one could well be hauled to jail for a “hate crime.”  But such feeling can be expressed en mass.

One might suggest to Mr. Stone that he look up pictures of old, where local hangings were the punishment for severe crimes.  Quick and not very pretty.  But what one sees in those pictures is all of the local population in attendance, with their children.  Thus to show them in the most dramatic way, what happens if you commit serious crimes. i.e. “crime prevention.”

So Mr. Stone, we will find out in the “great” election of 2012, what this country really believes in.  I feel that one really needs to respect Mother Nature:  for example the bees.  Does he recall why the bee colony kills off the drones?  Because if they don’t, these “non workers” will eat up all the stored honey and the whole colony with starve to death, come winter…To me, the scariest thing we have in this land today are millions of drones.  And drones vote.

Kinder Chambers, Buckholts