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GASP! He said it out loud!

The only difference between Florida Republican Jim Greer and a whole passel of Texas Republicans is that he said out loud what they have been incredibly careful NOT to say (and he’s feeling some guilt over it): Voter ID laws … Continue reading

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According to the Right, you’re wrong

Progressives and liberals and Democrats didn’t much care for it back at the turn of the Millennium, when George Bush was anointed president despite handily losing the popular vote. Those were the heady days of hanging chads, frenetic recounts under … Continue reading

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Let’s call it what is really is: a Freeloader’s Tax

Republicans and Tea Partiers are real good at sticking with the Big Lie, especially where it concerns anything that has to do with our president and ObamaCare. You’ve heard the lies and misdirection: from the concept of “death panels” to … Continue reading

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Some light reading for your Wednesday …

A Talking Points Memo I get a newsletter each week from Texas Democratic Party officials. After an eventful week like last week, the newsletter is chock full of all sorts of interesting reading. Combined with Monday’s link-laden post, this should … Continue reading

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TDP’s weekly memo

Here are the salient talking points from the TDP’s weekly Leadership Memo. Please note that the Voter ID bill didn’t make it out of debate today but should be back on the floor by the end of this week. I’ve … Continue reading

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Rick-o-nomics and other examples of hypocrisy

Below, I’ve copied the essential parts from the weekly Texas Democratic Party’s Leadership Memo. Included are links to news clips, information on our worsening budget crisis, a legislative update, news on the big rally in Austin tomorrow and talking points. … Continue reading

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No train wreck here

I suppose that most people haven’t really thought about what’s going on at the State Capitol these days, or what it could mean to them. I don’t mean you — the people who read this blog or the other stuff … Continue reading

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