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County judge race is not worth crossing party lines

Early voting in the March 4 Primary Election began today. So, it seems like an appropriate time for me to weigh in on the whole thing. Now, without giving anyone “permission” to vote in the Republican Primary, I’m pragmatic enough … Continue reading

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According to the Right, you’re wrong

Progressives and liberals and Democrats didn’t much care for it back at the turn of the Millennium, when George Bush was anointed president despite handily losing the popular vote. Those were the heady days of hanging chads, frenetic recounts under … Continue reading

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Rejoice! Feds reject voter ID

This morning, the  U.S. Department of Justice agreed and rejected it by refusing to “preclear” the law. The law would have required a voter to present a valid government-issued identification card. The law requires a Texas driver’s license or Department … Continue reading

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